Need a lightweight packable coat.

Found 25th Dec 2006
Can any one help please?

Large ( o.k. - very large!) lady requires a lightweight coat eg. one of those nylon fold-and -pack-into-your-bag types!

Has to have a zip all the way down front, not one of those that you pull over your head.

They have them in a local market but cannot find very large , size 28.
Does anyone know of an online or mail order site?
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Have you tried JD Williams and their sister sites? They do larger sizes.
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Thanks for the quick replies but the coats they have are too thick.

I'm looking for one of those pac-a-mac types thet can fold quite small.

Evans did them a few years ago but they've gone all trendy and don't stock
the 'train spotter' type of coats!

Allweathers sell a Regatta packable....

Thanks. From what I can see though, they only go up to a size 20.

Another one to try is Daxon which have a good range of sizes for men and women: ]http//ww…uk/
I misread the size - try here...
Thanks again. I think I may try that one.

I don't think I'm likely to find the nylon one - that's hardly going to be on sale in the middle of winter!:thumbsup:
There is a brand calld mac in a sac - they do Xttra Large but not sure if that covers a size 28?! They are on Ebay and lots of other sites - dp a search for them in froogle. Maybe they are available in the US cos then you would get the larger sizes as the UK only tends for standard sizes, not the smaller or larger person!

Thanks, haven't heard of that one. I'll give it a try.

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