need a little help sussing this deal out, if it works out it could be a good deal

Found 30th Dec 2009
ive seen some sofas on argos website for sale that i may buy for someone i know who needs some new ones, its a 2 seater regular sofa item number 627/9794 , then go to special offers and go to special offer 2, it says "Buy the Louisa Regular Chocolate sofa (627/9794) and receive another Louisa sofa of the same size and colour free. To receive this offer click the button below to add both sofas to your trolley. Offer ends 16th January 2009."

i dont understand how is it free when basically theyve just used the before sale price and added another sofa and bundled it up into a new product code, so really its even more expensive to buy it that way instead of buyin two seperately. was wondering if it would be worth going into store and telling them this is what the offer is. do you think they would sort it out and give you two sofas for £170. the other troubling part is that the actual special offer product code which it says you have to buy then you get another is the cheaper price (627/9794) and it doesnt mention the two sofas bundled up together (product code) . it may sound confusing but have a look on the argos site. thanks
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definitely a bodge up but they might honor it in store worth a try
Ive had a look, im guessing the special offer was before they reduced it in price, it was 320odd each, so 440 for 2 wouldnt be so bad. Good luck bartering in store though!
yeah it probably was before they had been reduced, ill trip down tomorrow and ask them, thanks guys
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