Need a little vista partitions help!

    My toshiba lappy has an 80 GD HD which is partitioned into two equal size drives (C:VISTA and E:DATA)
    i can't find the original Discs that came with the system and have found that i have 40% free space on C: and 50% free on E: after deleting virtually ALL user files and programs.
    i found that there is 750mb worth of data on E: and that should mean there should be 35+gb of free space, but after setting the folder options to show ALL files/folders i have discovered both partitions have a System Volume information folder on them sized at 20GB each.
    Which of the two drives (if any) can i safely Format to free up the hard drive space?
    Also is it possible to create a restore disc? there is no software i can see that would allow this.
    Thanks in advance for any help.


    System Restore will be using that space, you can turn it off if you want but you'll lose the ability to "roll back" to a working system state.…ta/

    OK, here's a little bit more info on the folder you specified:


    The Toshiba laptop I got came with system restore disks. Ive had a quick look and there doesnt appear to be a way that you can create your own. I guess you'd need to find the original restore disks or contact Toshiba to get new ones, for if and when you need them.

    As far as formatting goes, your C:\ partition will be the Vista installation place - so I wouldnt format that (Unless you want a computer that doesnt boot to vista anymore)

    You can format the other partition - but you will permanantly lose any data that is stored on there.

    Double make sure you have your facts right about where the space is being taken. The following is a good application as it lists the folders and the size that each of them is taking:


    Also, make sure you have emptied your recycle bin. As any files that are in there will also take up hard disk space. It might pay to run ccleaner. This will help you remove Temp Files/History Files/ Recycle Bin in one click:


    Hope this helps - let me know how you get on! :-D

    Original Poster

    just to re-confirm then, I should be ok to format E: right?
    there really is no user data or software on the system that i need except for the o/s, as for the System Restore points they are all less than 6 months old and no use as the system was first booted early 2007, so as long as a format of E: is ok to go ahead with then once the drive is formatted i would create a new restore point straight after.
    Does 15-16GB of space seem right for system restore data( System Volume information folder) on E: ?
    thanks for any advice in advance.

    You don't have to format any partition, if you disable system restore (on both partitions) it will delete old "restore points". You can then re-enable it for C: or E: or both.

    Ive got an acer with 40gb in two partitions of 20gb each (had it a few years now) How would I reduce the size of my D drive and put it on to my C drive

    Original Poster

    Thanks peoples have checked drive using WinDirStat and have formatted.
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