need a microwave

    hi does anyone know anywhere doing good deals on a microwave mine just started sparking so need new one now i want one with a nice front no big turning knobs or that

    thanks anyone that can help


    you should keep it for firework night

    oops items number 350395296618
    and 350395296624
    ebay..not researched them tho
    Edited by: "plumberman01" 18th Sep 2010

    asda had some nice cheap bl;ack microwaves when i went on friday didnt look too close though so cant remember make etc, maybe check your local

    I got a Sharp R270 from Tesco a couple of months ago. Nice looking with the touch pad type controls. Think it was also available from Argos.
    It was around £65 but is so much better looking than the very cheap non-branded one it replaced.:)

    I got this one recently when my old one started to spark. It works fine, quite simple to use, not too expensive and looks ok…htm
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