need a moan about hospitals

    my youngest son broke his arm wednesday night, took him to casualty, said he'd have to stay in and we would need to come in at 7 so we could see the specialtist, got there for 7, they said he'd need to be put to sleep so they could realign it and maybe put in some pins but they'd only know that when he was asleep, so he gets all prepped, takes the premed, isnt allowed anything to eat or drink, gets in the gown is worried stiff, then the specialist turns up "im not taking him to theatre, im going to plaster it and see him in a week, if alls fine we'll leave it if not then we'll have to operate" honestly you would think he would have seen him first instead of making him go through all the worry,im obviously glad he didnt have to go to theatre but it was the way they did it, hes only 11, then we had to wait till half past 2 before he could have his arm plastered as there was one pair on to cover the whole of outpatients and the wards! The nurse came with us, and they were short staffed 4 nurses for 30 beds! So I said you needent stay we can take his notes back with us and she said oh I cant do that you're not allowed to take the notes. How crazy. Then we had to walk back to the ward to sign out.

    My other moan is why we were waiting the cleaner came round, she got a damp dirty looking cloth and went round the whole ward wiping lamps, table tops and cupboard tops as far as she could reach, not once did she wash the cloth out or use any spray, then she mopped the floor with a damp long flat mop, just sort of doing where there were marks, but there was no bucket of hot water, just a shallow long bucket thing that she'd put a bit of tap water in but she didnt add any bleach or disinfectant, no wonder germs are rife!! I think im going to email the hospital and the papers as its disgusting, and i think its the norm rather than the exception as the nurses didnt say anything. Has anyone else seen this going on?


    omg hun hope he is ok , i have had problems in the past with hospits i cant stand the places , and i thought that cleaners had diffrent colour dusters for diffrent jobs its a ruddy discrase x

    Yeh the cleaning is slack,last time I was in hospital for my daughter to have a overnight stay,thick dust under bed,and what I saw of the cleaning it was pretty slack. Now I've got a pretty messy home,I keep animals,and I'm not particularly houseproud,but when I do have a good clean around,I do a good job.

    Yeh thats bad about the operation being planned and already and then them turning around and saying they not bother and see how it goes.You should been seen before hand but again shortages and what not.

    NHS at times is pretty poor,they take too long about it all thats the problem in many cases,and short of staff.

    Make a more coherant, comprehensive and chronological log of what happened, try and remember names where you can, the Nurse in charge being the main person responsible for what you saw I believe.

    Send it to that NHS Trust, you local MPs and to your local council, because that sounds awful.

    Majority of my hospital experiences (and that of family) are great since I left Alder Hey (Where, amongst other things, I was overdosed even though I told them before they gave me it, they forced me to take more)

    But, grandad went in recently for a biopsy on his throat cancer. Supposed to just be a day patient and getting operation before lunch time. Told him not to eat after midnight. Got to the hospital and had to sit in a waiting room, rather than being given a bed. Wouldnt let anyone sit with him even though he was really worried & is quite deaf so couldnt hear what they were saying to him. Didnt end up doing the operation until nearly 5pm, so he hadnt eaten for over 17 hours and had to stay in over night because it was too late to let him come home.

    Cleaning has always been good though, day to day fine, and then at the weekend all of the beds and cupboards are brought into the middle of the ward and under them is cleaned before they are put back.
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