Need a multimedia laptop

    Hi all, would really appreciate some help looking for a laptop.

    Basically i need a laptop that has a Remote Control. I have found an HP dv2104eu, and Acer 9502wsmi (but sold out it seems at technoworld).
    The specs of the latter are pretty much what i need (minus the larger screen and built-in tv tuner), but am looking to spend just under £500.

    Any help is appreciated.



    What spec do you want on the laptop?

    What do you mean by multimedia?

    What in particular do you want the remote control to do?

    May be able to help you if you provide the info above :roll:

    Original Poster

    sorry about the lacking desc:roll:

    I need min. 80gb hard drive, 512mb ram, min. 14" widescreen, card reader, s-video out, and most definitely a Remote control;-) ( I am used to my current HP dv4145ea and enjoy the remote control).
    A web-cam is a plus.
    Oh, and processor; Definitely above (or) the Intel's Centrino, or the Amd Turion and above.

    Thanks for your time.

    do you want a dedicated graphics card or would you be happy with onboard graphics? (Basically onboard will be fine for everything apart from new games).

    What do you want the remote to do? It may be worth buying a separate remote if all you want it for is powerpoint / slideshows etc.

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    Oh, i am not a gamer, so any type of garphics card will do, the heaviest gaming i do is a flash game once in a while:)
    I listen to lots of music, watch movies, hence the remote control is useful to quickly change volume, song etc.

    hmm.. the problem is I kjnow of plenty of good laptops that might fit your spec... but... none of them have a remote control.

    let me have a look around and I'll get back to you.

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    okay, thanks, same problem im having here. Really appreciate your help.…286

    price has gone up £20 since Xmas but still good value..3.5% Quidco

    if you get any laptop with media centre on you can easily add a media centre remote to it for £20 price area.

    Svideo is also getting a bit more rare these days on laptops so keep an eye out for that.

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    thanks currychops, but no s-video i sense im being picky however, i do need it. ohh, the acer was so close.

    Chris206, if a laptp has the media centre, does it have te built in IR remote sensor? sorry, i dony know much about media centre edition.


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    i have already seen them, thanks, but unfortunately no remote control:oops: :-(

    thanks though again

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    sorry to bump, but still looking for one...saw the HP dv2104eu couple of days ago, but it seems to be discontinued now

    lomna...may I suggest you research models that have the remote control spec you require and then seek advice with regard to where to find the best deal...

    have you tried googling the HP model number as it may provide you with retailers who still have stock and give you a price.
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