Need a new combi boiler fitted in Glasgow.....reccomend any companies?

Found 7th Nov 2010
Got an engineer in from Britsh Gas at the moment fixing my boiler after it was leaking again. Their practically out every month now fixing it so need to look into getting it replaced. Moneys tight just now so looking to see if anyone can reccomend any companies to get a quote from? I've heard Britsh gas are a lot more expensive than most?

Hoping to get somewhere that offers finance too!
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Just ask the British Gas engineer if he wants a 'weekend job'
Can't recommend any engineers - but for supplies, Mr Centralheating in Hillington is very cheap.
you should be able to get a decent boiler supplied and fitted for about 1200 thats for a the likes of a worcester 24i greenstar or the likes, a gas safe fitter should charge around 300 if you get your own boiler but id leave it to the fitter he'll get you a better boiler for your money than you can.
but i suppose it all depends on how big of a boiler you need how many bedroom it is and how many rads is it heating etc
It says on British gas site that new boiler installations start from £1700!! Definitly gonna have to get a lot of quotes about this
Maker is the old boiler it's replacing a combi boiler as well?.
British gas are a total rip off for this kind of job they just prey on people ( elderly from my experience ) using their name and the fact they have a foot in the door already. Yonder is on the money all I could add is don't get a cheap boiler, buy cheap buy twice I know I did.
yes, its an old vokera pinkie
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Shouldnt be too pricey then if it's a straight swap.
we paid 1500 for a new one fitted but we did get an extra radiator and piping company was recommended to us and they were really good they are docklands heating i think it was

yes, its an old vokera pinkie

I feel your pain, awful boilers vokeras, best get rid asap
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