Need a new DVD Writer

    Hi all,
    my liteon DVD drive is gettin a bit temperamental and will only eject using software and even then isn't instant.
    Also I burn quite a few multiple film DVDs and recently have had a few where I've had stuttery video and jumping which I pit down to a bad batch of disks but have since ruled that out :-(

    so basically can anyone reccomend a decent burner and maybe point me in the direction of a deal for them.
    I burn lots of DVDs, a fair amount if audio and some 360 disks, ligttscribes mot really needed.

    Thanks for any help.



    they are very cheap now, even lightscribe

    Original Poster

    jubbyme;8176051 are very cheap now, even … are very cheap now, even lightscribe

    Thanks a lot for that mate, but ordered…450 off there literally 10 minutes ago.
    Read a few reviews and they semed pretty popular.

    Thanks again for the advice :thumbsup:
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