Need a new internal Hard Drive

    My hard drive in my computer seems to have bust so I need to get a new one. The old one I had was a 320gb hitachi and I wont need anymore than 320 so anywhere between 200 and 320 would do fine. I don't really know much about hard drives so any help on what to look for would be great

    I really appreciate any help with this, thanks


    It would help if we knew something about your computer.

    Is it a laptop or a desktop (they use different size disks).

    Also we need to know the connection type. Most modern hard disks are connected using a SATA connection, but some older hard disk use an IDE connection (and they are different).

    I realise you may not know the connection type, but without this information we cannot help too much.

    If you can give us details about the computer - make, model, any other details - we may be able to find out on the interent what type of disk it is.

    Original Poster

    Ye probably a good idea to give the details Well my computer is a desktop and the hard drive I currently have is a:

    320GB Hitachi T7K500-32 SATA II 320GB
    16MB Cache

    and this is my motherboard:

    MSI P4M890M-L Socket 775 / Core 2 Duo Support
    HD 8 Channel Audio / DDR2 533
    1066MHz FSB SATA / PCI-E

    PC Pro magazine suggest the Samsung Spinpoint HD502IJ

    It is 500Gb, 16Mb cache and ebuyer have it for £41…252

    Larger than you wanted, but at that price it is hardly worth buying anything smaller.

    Original Poster

    Well it seems a pretty decent price at £45.78 delivered, I was hoping for a slightly cheaper one and preferably western digital, as I have an external WD HD and its been running fine since I bought it
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