Need a new ISP...

    Ok, I've had it with Virgin. They've been charging £22 extra for seemingly no reason for god knows how long, listed as 'Balance brought forward' every month. I've been getting 'Winback' discounts (£12.50 BB and a few others) and the Virgin Media people have been making out the 'Balance brought forward' is some kind of credit note, but it's actually added to the total on every bill! I have no idea what the hell is going on with it and can't understand the Virgin phone people.

    I know NOTHING about changing ISPs, modems, wireless internet...anything. I had a free Telewest modem when I joined Telewest, someone set it up for me and I haven't had to change anything. I'm afraid about switching ISPs due to knowing nothing about it - How to get my computer back online, what needs to be done,'s very new to me. Any help/advice? :-(

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