Need a new laptop, preferably 17" and decent spec.

Found 12th Apr 2011
My Laptop just died, it's been dying for a while so not a big suprise but needs replacing, reason i post here is because without it I am severely limited in my ability to browse and read up on replacements

I would like a 17" screen (although will consider another 15.6" for the right money) and from browsing the deals today it seems most are recommending an i3 processor (which i confess i know nothing about, first i have heard of it).
I watch alot of films on my laptop, I use it for browsing and a little light gaming (WoW or similar). USB 3.0 would be nice (no idea if thats standard now) but not esential. Also a HDMI out would be good, but again not essential.I am not too fussed about which OS it comes with.

Any help or recommendations would be great, atm I am thinking i will need to spend around £400 so hopefully thats a somewhat realistic amount.

Have ordered one, impatience rules apparently. this is one
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