Need a new laptop. Your advice is appreciated.

    I am in the market for a new laptop. Nothing special, all I did with the other one is letters, so MS Word would be great and surfed the web, so I need to be able to download at good speeds.

    You lot have been very helpful in the past and would be grateful for any further input.


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    just about any laptop for sale would suit you then

    OK, the cheapest. But what I don't want is to buy the cheapest but then to find that it is too slow , has a tiny memory etc.

    I know that it annoys some of you that some us are ignorat of technology but I know NOTHING about computers , the figures, the RAM , blah , blah

    What is the best value for money laptop that you have seen.

    Your laptop will not make a huge difference to your download speed.

    Far more important is your broadband speed.

    The fastest laptop in the world will not download fast if your broadband is slow.

    Also, you would not normally get Word on a laptop (or maybe just a trial version).

    But now Office 2010 has shipped some laptops are shipping with a free Word Starter 2010, a "cut down" version of Word that might be enough for what you want to do.

    So see if you can find a laptop with Word Starter 2010 (and Excel Starter 2010) on them.…010

    Any cheap laptop will do as you request. Even a netbook, although would be a pain to type on.

    Take your pick! As guil said, broadband speeds affect downloads, not the computer speed (generally).

    If you want one without a tiny memory, look for a larger Hard Disk/Hard Drive/ HDD whatever it is labelled as. Typically, you'll get a 320GB HDD as standard, possibly 500GB depending on the laptop, which will be more than ample for you.

    Also look for at least 2GB RAM in the laptop (again, most/all should have this).

    Have fun!

    Here's one posted today from Asda:…4gb

    Just pop to your nearest Tesco Extra etc, keep the following in mind.

    Avoid Celeron where possible, minimum of 2GB of ram.
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