Need a new Mains Adapter for my Archos Gen 4 DVR Station - any suggestions please?

Found 7th Jun 2008
Basically, it's gone kaput. Tested with a friend's, and it's definitely the adapter, not the dvr station, so hopefully will be cheaper to get a replacment. Not really bothered if it's a generic model or an official one - cheapest answers on a postcard please:)

Current adapter is:
Model: MD-ADP520UB
Input: 100V-240V ~ 50-60Hz/0.3A
Output: 5.2V - 2A

As already said, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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had mine - a mains adapter/charger for Lenovo computer from ebay really cheap from Hong Kong but world great and came in 5 days
maplins have a universil adaptor with all voltage on and different connectors
for about a tenner
Thanks guys - Got one from Maplins, as I really couldn't wait for it to be delivered:)
Rep to you both for your help.
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