need a new mobile

Found 25th Jan 2007
i need a new mobile,a really good one like the sony erikson k8001,wheres the cheapest you can get these.

what other good phones are there at the moment,would you say the k8001 is probs best at the moment


Look on the deals bit of the site, might have good phones for good priced on there :thumbsup:

are you looking for a contract phone or PAYG?..
If the latter Duckmagic is the expert on here.

L:):)K here


I have a K800i, and it is an amazing phone.

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i have a choice one two phones i can can get them both for £110,theres one each left,which one should i go for,the nokia n73 or the k8001,both pay as you go.what are the advantages and disadvantages of each phone,personally what do you reckon is better.

quick response needed,hoping to buy it tonight

go sony or wait for nokia n95:thumbsup:

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so the sony is winning so far in my books,can the sony be converted to o2 ,because i have a o2 sim card,with all my numbers on.how much would that n95 be,and what specs has it got,i.e camera and that sort of stuff.will it be about 300 when it comes out.

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so do you reckon i should go for the sony,which is nicer looking

k800i on o2 for 119.99


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i got the k800i in the end,but it was on t mobile and i hate that network,so i went to the shop which they can unlock for you,he quoted me £50,and said you wont find it much cheaper,so im pickled.i think i might just get my money back and get the k800i refurb model,have some of you seen that thread on them,can anyone post the link for the 119 one.i cant find it

Did you not look at post above lol

its out of stock now tho


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soz mate,totally missed that.is there any other links of wheres its in stock,and do you think you will be able to get that deal in the shops or is it only availble onlilne

Dont think stores sell refurbs mate so just online

think 149.99 at play.com is cheapest at mo other than this one

jim replied to your other thread about unlocking too


Hope it helps

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thanks mate for both reply to the posts,just emailed the guy,waiting for a ring back now
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