Need a new mobile contract, any sugestions?

    I pay at the moment £5.00 a month for 400 mins and 400 texts om a 18 ,omths that ist will expire in 25 days. My company (I am with The carphone warehouse/
    O2) said they cant do that anymore. Any good deals over there?? Willing to pay up to 15.00 a month if i can get a phone with internet acces to or no more than 10.00 wirhout the phone but not ties then. It seems to me that the deals were better 18 months ago that now!! Am i looking bad here?
    ps I asked for the pac code and they say that i have to write to them, is it any way i can demand they give it to me over the phone??

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    Why not just stay on the contract you are on for a fiver a month and then buy a seperate phone?

    Just because you have come to the end of the 'tied in' period doesn't normally mean that the contract 'ends'

    Although I guess there may possibly of been a deal when taking out saying that you have a £X discount each month for 18 months and the discount ends after 18?
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