need a new mobile phone contract

    im not after one of the free ones but i want atleast 350 xnetwork minutes a month and atleast 100 texts
    and the phone must be half decent
    overall for the year i want to spend no more then 170 quid on the line rental (after cashback redemptions)
    would appreciate it if sum1 cld help me


    Listed here:…tml

    Have you had a look at the free ones??

    Some of the ones there have enough minutes.

    What sort of phone do you like?? Do you have a few models in mind??

    Original Poster

    well i wouldnt mind a decent Sony Ericcson or Nokia
    or a Samsung D600 in chrome

    Te crome D600 is still very pricey.

    You're looking at £200 for the year for 350 x-net mins and 100 texts...

    Unless you go for the Nokia 6680 at OSPS... £189 I'm afraid but it's a nice phone and you get 400 x-net mins and 250 texts each month. Even then it's clearance.

    Click here

    It might be worth waiting a week or so though wile the companies start putting new offers on - they've been off for 4 days now so it's likely that they'll have a lot of new ideas as they come back!!

    Original Poster

    i still have a month on my contract, im cancelling it next week
    so im lookin 2 get one atleast a week before it totally goes
    so will keep looking around

    Leave it for a short whil and I'm sure ther'll be a decent offer before your contract is up.

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