need a new mobile phone tariff only payg

    the missus contract is up with vodafone and was about £15 per month contract for not really many texts or mins think less than 200mins. my contract is with three and was looking at free 3 to 3 mins... would like to spend anything less than £15 per month with it aimed at both texts/mins. not bothered about the network as long as it works.
    can anyone recommend a decent PAYG tariff?



    600 minutes
    Unlimited texts
    £15 p/m
    sim only

    Look at this deal aswell, best in sim only



    Moved to deal requests.

    This is not bad…394

    £10 30 day sim only

    3 Network
    100 x-net mins
    unlimited txt
    unlimited 3-3

    Try the Voda month to month rolling contract for £20.

    600 mins, unlimited text, unlimited web - I went through quidco and got £40 back after 3-4 months.

    Ok this is an acutual PAYG tarriff not one of those sim only/30 day rolling ones, but O2 do a PAYG where if you top up either £10 or £15 you get 300 or unlimited texts respectivly and you can also get free Internet with the £15 topup too I think now. There is also one which gives you minutes too but I'm not sure, also O2 are also running their Surprises still so you can get another extra like extra mins or texts or even vouchers for places but this is PAYG not a sim only contract like the aboves but I'm not sure now which you were after:) but hope this helps
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