Need a new orange contract 800 mins, unlimited landline and few texts for £25??????????

    I am currently getting this from orange but am due an upgrade. At the moment they say my tariff is going to go up 1st August to £35 so am desperate to change it now! I have been looking at a few on e2save(dont know what their reputation is) but looks like they have this plus also get a free wii! which would be fab!!!!

    I was hoping to get an 18 month contract and I dont really mind about the phone as I would only use it to take some family pics and maybe go on facebook. Can anyone helpme find a good deal???????? THANKS in advance

    I will give everyone rep!


    Why are you only looking at Orange deals?

    O2 currently have a £100 cashback offer through Quidco -…on/

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    Why are you only looking at Orange deals?

    Ive only ever had orange I guess! I'm scared to move!:oops:


    Ive only ever had orange I guess! I'm scared to move!:oops:

    Check out this thread…on/

    It's doesn't come with a mobile, but if you take into account the whopping £100 cashback, it works out to be £11.25 pm for 800min, 1600txt and a free bolt-on of your choosing

    You can then buy yourself a new mobile or a wii, with the amount you save and still have money left over!

    i recently upgraded with orange. i had to beg for a better deal. i only stay with them due to the free broadband. i get 600 mins anytime and unlimited messages with the broadband for 25 a month. i think it was about 4-5 months ago when i upgraded. They said they were "onto" people who try to get the best deal possible.

    Only thing i can suggest is going into orange store or contacting them direct and telling them straight you want a better deal or you will leave. Good luck

    just ask for disconnections, and see what they say!!
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