Need a new PC but not sure which route to take. Need advice

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Found 24th Feb 2010
From reading the deals it seems that there are a lot of people who are clued up on computers. I've a 5ish year old Dell Dimension 3100 that appears to be on it's last legs and I've decided that I need a new one.

Over the years I've put in a DVD writer, two 1gb sticks of ram and a new HDD (Western Digital Caviar Blue 500gb 16mb cache). So I was wondering if I should use these in the new system and either do a self build or buy a barebones. Or would I be better off getting a pre built system? I've also obvioulsy already got a monitor, keyboard, mouse etc.

Just looking for a bit of advice as wanting to keep costs as low as possible but also get decent pc.



Older hardware CAN often be fitted in a new computer.

But the memory MAY not fit in the new computer (and new memory will be faster anyway).

And if the hard disk is IDE and not SATA that may not fit either (and even if it can you are better with a SATA hard disk).

The DVD writer should be OK if it is IDE or SATA (it is probably IDE).

You may be better off getting a whole new system unit, there are LOADS to chose from.

How much would you expect to pay for a complete new system unit (so we can make some suggestions)?

The memory will no doubt be DDR1 in your current system. (Cannot be used in most (99.9%) of DDR 2 systems and def not in DDR3)

You should be be looking to buy a motherboard system that uses at least DDR2 now.
The dvd writer and hard drive will work as is in new system along with keyboard,mouse,monitor etc.

500gb hard drive is claimed to be getting a bit on the small size now.

Here is a new complete system unit form £300. It has a new Intel i3 530 CPU AND new DDR3 RAM (plus hard disk and DVD writer).

No operating system installed though.…011

You need to be a bit more specific on what you want to use it for (gaming, hd video etc?) Your existing pc with a fresh install of os should be sufficient for most needs imo. Why is it on it's last legs?

Original Poster

Thanks everyone for advice and suggestions.

Current pc running very slow, taking an age to boot or move beetween windows etc. Also have to uninstall and reinstall audio device to get any sound and having lots of trouble connecting devices via usb. Plus I also think I'd like a shiny new one!

I'd half suspected that I should try a reinstall but couldn't be bothered with the faffing around and all driver installs and updates after. Anyway, after it was suggested I thought it was worth it to try and save a few £100s.
Especially as I'm your average user - browsing, bit of downloading, p2p, and MS office work, so don't need anything more than my P4 and 2gb of ram really.

Touch wood,, it is a lot better so I'll see how things go but might be back on in a few months asking for advice again.

Thanks again.
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