Need a new phone charger

Found 16th Jan 2009
My N95 charger has just died and gone to heaven, so i need a new one. will have to get it tomorrow as am running low on battery.

Any ideas where the cheapest place to buy one would be? Doesn't matter if it's a mains one or a plug-into-your-PC one.

Ta muchly!


Them shops which are in markets as they be cheap and also can haggle with them!! Big shops are way too overpriced!! Is it the small pin type charger? I would say £5 max!!!

ebay it :P

Play.com £3.99

I just got one from Poundland

Aye they are cheap on play trade :thumbsup:

Poundland have them...... get the usb multi one. you can plug it into pc, usb adapter..........or do what I do - plug it into sky+ or HD usb socket....... saves using a usb socket on your pc....... good luck finding on soon

I've got a few if you want one, say £1 delivered.....


Dunno if it charges on … Dunno if it charges on usbhttp://www.3g.co.uk/3GForum/showthread.php?t=58522

Doesn't charge when you have the mini usb data cable connection, but does if you buy the usb to mini charger connector from poundland
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