Need a new phone - help.

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Found 28th Feb 2011
Not sure which one to get. My budget is £150. I am on 3 at the moment in a contract so just wanting a PAYG phone to put my SIM in.

I like the look of the Sony X8 but this Android version is confusing me, apparently you can't upgrade to the highest version or something.

Ideally I would want an iPhone 3GS but way out of my price range.


can you use the san fran on 3 once its unlocked?

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The san fran looks horrid!

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So far, it looks like its going to be the sony xperia X8

I just read this review of the X8, made me re-evaluate a few things in life:

I WANT A **** REFUND.I will never buy your lousy phones again. I should … I WANT A **** REFUND.I will never buy your lousy phones again. I should have just got a HTC.I just superglued spikes on my X8. If I see you, I will throw it at you WITH FORCE.If not, I will throw my phone into the VOLCANO THAT I JUST MADE OF OF BAKING SODA.I don't know why I still bought your products after I got your crappy W910i.

Though from a quick look the X8 only runs 2.1 Eclair, when there's 2.2 Froyo, and 2.3 Gingerbread ahead of it. Also it seemingly lacks Apps2SD, so don't expect to be downloading every app in sight.

The 'horrid' San Fran can do most of that though.
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try samsung s5830 ace,talk to 3 people,you may get it for 150.
Some 1 post his deal few days ago and his phone is unlocked.
good luck

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They won't. It's a £200 phone. Any other suggestions?
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