Need a new router, help needed

Needing a new router as need a stronger signal.

Looked a the Belkin N range but wondered if anyone has any recommendations ?

wireless range has to be good, ideally to use outside which the belkin N range claims it can do

any advice or links are greatful, money isnt a problem


I think any wireless router will produce a signal that will work outside.

I do recommend the Belkin N1 Vision.

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Well I cant get a signal downstairs on my current one

Let alone outside

Don't forget that the transmission strength of your wireless receiver in your laptop has to be good as well. This would mean you have to purchase a plug-in rangemax card for your laptop if you wanted to increase the effective receive and transmission range.

d-link do some very reliable routers at a rather good price.

but first can i suggest that you upgrade the wifi antenna if it is a low signal that your getting.…3m8
don’t forget quidco if you decide to go for it.

i currently have a netgear rangemax and works perfect 2 door down
but like the last post advised if your reciever cant take range max then theirs no point getting the most powerful router

New houses are generally easier - thin plasterboard walls.
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