Need a new Sat Nav - mine got stolen last night :(

    Im so peeved of - work up this morning to fin out my car has been broken into and my sat nav among other things has been stolen! What makes it even worse though, that im we are going on holiday next week so the sat nav is essential.

    So what im asking for is is you could help me to find a sat nav - (TomTom) which can be gaurentted to be delieverd by Wednesday. I know it is probley going to be inpossiable but im really desperate and peeved of. Doesnt matter what model or price as long as it it anything stupid like £400. Goning to be used to travel around western Europe - dont know if that matters or anyting.



    You might wanna change the P word to peeved so you don't get in trouble :thumbsup:

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    Changed it now

    hi there - we had our stole from car it is a terrible feeling, you car insurance may cover it ours did, but ended up going through ur house insurance because it waas a portable deice - i.e. you could use for walking, we had a Navman NavPIX so ask your home insurance, as you can go ahead and buy one and they will reimbure, - I know how dreadful you must feel

    Try eBuyer ( for a TomTom Go 730 for £247.99 various delivery options, e.g. £9.99 for Monday.

    I guess you learn from these things too many criminals about to leave sat navs in the car same with faces of car radios

    are you happy to have second hand?

    why not contact some sellers who didn't manage to sell on ebay? just go to completed items and see which didn't sell. then contact the seller and offer some cheeky prices, someone is bound to accept.

    I know they are not always the cheapest but you could try Halfords.
    You can reserve and collect.
    Good luck.
    Have a nice holiday and forget about the robbing gits.
    Karma will sort them out.

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    thks for all of your support everyone - dont suppose u know if pc world sell sat navs instore?


    thks for all of your support everyone - dont suppose u know if pc world … thks for all of your support everyone - dont suppose u know if pc world sell sat navs instore?

    Yes, You can reserve and collect here too.:thumbsup:

    I have a Tom Tom Go 9 Series for sale, 20gb hd with USA and Europe support. Let me know if interested, I will send special next day on monday fully boxed with many extra accessories.

    There's the TomTom One V3 with UK and European mapping for £132.98 delivered on Tuesday (free morning or afternoon delivery upgrade) so it would get to you in time.…695
    Or 130.98 if you choose Wednesday anytime delivery

    The Ipaq 314 from Dabs is amazing, read the thread in deals.

    Not sure about getting it that quick though, should be ok I think.

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    i have decided to get the tomtom 730t - think im going to try and get pc world to price match as well

    morgan computers are doing very good deals on 710 & 910 refurbs - about £107 & £117 (plus delivery)
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