Need a new tv..looking around the 42" for my bedroom

I need a a new tv for my bedroom, one that is hd and good for gaming, ive seen a LG 42LH5000 for £300 but is it anygood? As some reviews arent as good as others


i think a hd tv for 300 is amazing - i rekon its gunna be fairly bog standard for that price (unable to split the screen) etc, but for 300 rips, i rekon it will look a lot better that the 19" portable i had when i was a nipper haha

id go 4 it m8

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The specs for that tv are on this link, as too many to copy and paste in here…jsp

where have you seen it for £300 please?

oo i may just get 1 myself - that looks great - where did u see it for 300 please?

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Was in a local independent electrical store, as went in earlier and noticed that tv as seen it for in dixons for £500 odd

how very unusual!!

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Would have been ok, but it had shade on screen written down, so im guessing something is wrong with it for that price

i work in birmingham sometimes mate, what was the place called, im very tempted to buy it!

Get a measuring tape ensure you have the room for it.
I can't see 720p displays being around much two years from now majority is fast becoming 1080p.

My Tosh 40" from Richer Sounds was £320... similarish deals around if you look just maybe not that good price wise

Keep looking Christmas is when HDTV prices tumble as they are now, 23rd, 24th, 26th, 27th is when to keep your eyes peeled for deals.

Next gen consoles should all do 1080p natively in output so something to consider?

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Well ive brought a Samsung LE40C580 from john lewis as got them to price match it with richer sounds
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