Need a Nintendo DS Lite

    cant find any neice wants a white one talk about making it harder

    can anyone sort me please

    regards Adey:santa:


    I bought one from HGentertainment yesterday. they were having all colours in tomorrow. £116 delivered but i am sick to death of ringing and running around looking for one. You can have an online chat with a seller who will tell you if they are ohysically instock
    Good luck

    I'm looking too!
    I think they might be an after christmas thing?

    As soon as I get a result I will let you know!
    Fingers crossed!

    I'm also looking for one for xmas. There sold out everywhere

    In stock at AMAZON NOW.................

    like he said in amason

    Original Poster

    Sorted thanks Amazon thats if they deliver lol

    regards Adey

    Anymore around for £100? my boss has just decided he wants to get his wife one for Christmas. :oops: Any colour will do

    GAME had LOADS a few weeks back in stock around my area, they had over 100 the guy said, and a few days later they where all gone.

    Phoned a few Smyths stores there, they are expecting more towards the end of the week. will check then.thanks

    Amazon and Play sold out again!
    They must release a few then sell them literally straight away.

    I will try and be quicker and keep looking!

    :-( I have been out everywhere today and phoning around and haven't found a single one and not even got any specific days to check back - when I could have just sat here on my back side and got 1, I am sooo sad right now.

    With regards to earlier post, I phoned SMYTHS in Chadwell Heath and visited the Beckton store and was told by both that they weren't expecting any till after Xmas now, which store did you talk to?

    It was the stores in Belfast I spoke too as well as a few just outside Belfast. They all said before the weekend but near the end of the week.

    Will just have to check.

    Im after a Black 1.

    the porter

    just do what i have done ordered one from vg+ for £87 delivered the … just do what i have done ordered one from vg+ for £87 delivered the crimson and black one will be with me in 2 days then just get the uk charger of ebay or play for around a fiver job done just send me a pm if you need any more details

    Any idea of the import duty?

    You can get them from gadget asia. Mate ordered a new red/glitter one with paw printon front. When it arrived it turned out to be the USA version with a uk appropriate adapter/charger. The good news is you can play games with a uk console and also chat to uk console. They haven't tested if it's compatible with a WII.

    I think it worked out around £100 with air mail postage. Also marked at gift with value of £45 I think.
    Alternatively try checking out Sainbury's branches, a mate managed to get a white one last week.

    Charlie Brown

    why not keep an eye out on and or goto local hmv store?

    Zavvi had some yesterday instore, maybe worth trying them

    Sorry this was supposed to explain I have found pink instock at Tesco Direct!…spx


    Yep just bought one now for £101.82 inc delivery its pink.
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