hi i need a nintendo wii before the 7th of jan as its someones birthday and i need a new one for no more than £180


    me too lol but tbh there isnt much chance of buying the console anymore, ive seen bundles for sale and instock tonight but the console on its own is very hard to come by. try ringing local supermarkets such as asda and ask them when they are getting a delivery and ring back when they do. im hoping to get mine tomorrow from an asda delivery fingers crossed cant see it happening

    go eBay the market slumped on them there before Xmas and I've seen bundles all over the place so best place to get 1 for around £180 would be eBay I reckon.

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    ok but how much r bundles


    ok but how much r bundles

    argos have a few bundels cheapest is £209
    this one showing in stock for delivery and for store pick up
    good luck in getting one
    Think ebay would be a good idea as the demand has dropped now xmas is over



    I just spent most of today looking around for a Wii. Ideally, I only wanted the Console + Wii Sports (which comes with it) but absolutely no-where has them. Stores getting them in are simply putting them into bundles so if you want one, you have to pay for games you probably don't want.

    I went absolutely everywhere, every supermarket in Norwich, Comet, Dixons, Currys, Game, HMV, Zavvi, Blockbusters, Argos, PC World, you name it, I probably went there today!

    In the end managed to track one down at Game Station in Norwich Castle Mall. However, it was in a bundle at £299. It came with the Wii Console, Wii Sports, two games of my choice and two games from their list (in another words, rubbish games). I was so fed up by that point and it was the only one they had left so I just bought it. The games I got were Super Mario Party 8, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (which is now on Ebay, lol)

    i will offer brand new wii and wii play with remote delivered by special delivery for £235

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    hav u recived payment

    hi has360 i have received payment and will post tomorrow i will text you tracking number. it will be posted by special delivery at 915am tomorrow morning.


    hav u recived payment

    From who? You haven't accepted anyones offer.

    just for confirmation you are buying a brand new wii console with sports and wii play with remote for £235 delivered

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    yes i agree that i am buying a brand new wii console with sports and wii play with remote for £235 delivered

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    also thank u very much SpecialK for the exellent offer and makin my sons bday

    cheers has360.once you receive items can you respond on this thread too make people aware that everything went well

    hi we have a new wii we has one extra for christmas can do for £180 then the p
    +p ontop just let us know
    p.s it is bnib

    hi check [url][/url], they show availability....

    Amazon add stock in the small hours of the morning...

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    sorry alredy got1

    just to confirm has360 received wii and wii play and remote this morning.i hope your son enjoys it all the best
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