Need a NUS card

    whos at college at the moment,you have access to these cards pretty easily.when i was in college 6 months ago,you could just pick them up from the front desk.can anyone do me a favour and get me pay you if you want gym membership just ran out,and students get a MASSIVE discount.

    i think the new ones are white in colour and are blank,not sure though its been 6 months since i left



    Is this not fraud?!

    You've double posted.

    My reply to your other thread is as follows :-

    Theres new cards now called NUS Extra. The free NUS cards dont give you discounts no more. You have to purchase an NUS extra for £10.

    The picture on the card, is also processed online and your image is sent to them and is 'lasered' onto the card instead of sticking on the photo and laminating paper.

    The white card isn't the one that gets you discounts its the nusextra card, you have to apply for that on line and pay £10. You have to collect it from your SU when its ready.


    Is this not fraud?!

    I agree.
    Yes, it's fraud :x

    Disgusting, you should be ashamed!

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