Need a power cable with out the plug! Not sure what to search for (see photo)

    Basically, you know the part that plugs into, say... a laptop? Well I need a lead with that on either side. I'm trying to find it on eBay but I'm not sure what it would be called!

    I have an AC adapter you see, which has a power input, as opposed to a cable attached on (god knows why). It costs £10 for a new adapter, but I'm hoping I'lll be able to find this lead for pennies...



    Do you mean a figure of 8 plug?

    Like this one -…167
    Bare-Wired Cassette Mains Lead

    Just as an example, cos that looks a bit pricey.


    ah, my comment is waiting moderation, but ignore it anyway when it turns up, I reread your message and it's not what you want.

    back to sleep....

    who had the right product??
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