Need a price for damaged iphone and DSi


    I am looking to sell a damaged 8gb 3g iphone and a water damaged DSi.

    The iphone sceeen is in mint condition but there is 4mm crack at the back beside the charger. Apple engineers (employed by Tesco) have told me TWICE that the damage to the iphone does not fall under their warranty. Apparently, there is a minute gap on the right side of the phone, but I can't see it. The iphone switches on but goes to a white screen. The iphone was only 9 months old when it stopped working and is not covered by warranty. What could I expect if I sold it for parts on to this site. Comes with box and charger.

    Also, I have a water damaged DSi - colour = red. Was only used a handful of times by my daughter when water was split on it. It is in immaculate condition. Again, what could I expect for it if I sold it for parts on this site



    Wrong section, should not be in Deals

    You will need to give more details about the iphone what gen and what gig? does it turn on? is it water damaged?
    I would check the warranty status on the apple website if there is some warranty left, make a appointment for the genius bar at any apple store, hopefully they will be more help.
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    Mods, can someone move this post to Misc for me please
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