need a psp converter!

Found 18th Jan 2007
anyone know whats a good convertor to put films on to my psp?!any help is good!
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ps and also how to convert them and put in to the memory stick im useless!
go to maxconsole mate
PSPVideo9 is great and also free.
[SIZE=2]cheers donwloaded psp video 9 yesterday![/SIZE]
how do u use it cus it says my psp is not found!
1) Put the memory card in the PSP.
2) Format the memory card in the PSP (from the PSP's menus).
3) Put the PSP in USB connection mode.
4) Attach the PSP to the PC (using a USB "A to mini-B" cable).
5) Start Windows Explorer / My Computer. Check and make note of the drive letter of the PSP (e.g. E: or F:).
6) On the PSP's drive letter, look for the folder "MP_ROOT" off of the root directory of the drive (do NOT create it in the "PSP" directory).
7) place the files in "100MNV01" off of the "MP_ROOT" directory if done in SP Mode
or place the files in "100ANV01" off of the "MP_ROOT" directory if done in AVC mode
9) In PSP Video 9, either use the auto-detect feature to detect the drive letter (Setup... Settings... PSP Drive... "Auto Find"), or manually change the drive letter setting, to match the drive letter noted in step #5 above.
tutorial here m8

do i actually have to format the disk cus i dont know whats going on!!!

i hate this!

i actually want to my divx files on to the psp and what is a root directory
ps what are all these settings avc etc
I am in no way trying to annoy you but this sort of thread shoulod not be in Deal Requests. Put it in Misc & Random
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