Need a recommendation for DIVX/DVD player

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Found 19th May 2007
Our Aldi Telvion special has just gone belly-up (hehe still under warrenty though so refund coming my way!).

However, I wanted to buy a new one that wasn't just the cheapest but was actually good in terms of quality. Can anyone recommend one (i.e. personal experience or heard from people) that has the following features:

Multi-region for normal dvds
Not fussy about playing home-burnt discs
Divx formats from USB key

and an extra added bonus would be:
reads avi files that are burnt onto a DVD disc (mine would only read from a CD-rom burn so 700mb of storage rather than 4gb)

Am happy to pay up to £50 for one so not looking for the cheapy cheapy bargains.

I don't know about upscaling (we originally bought the one from Aldi that upscaled and put a normal Pingu dvd in it and it looked so rubbish and boxy that I decided we didn't really have anything to play on it that needed upscaling so took it back). Got a HD-ready TV that takes HDMI etc.. but not really into all this HD lark yet so a bit ignorant.

Big fat lumps of rep left for anyone who has a helpful suggestion so get them rolling!!


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speedy reply so rep given

oooh more than one! thanks!
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