Need A Reliable travel weight scale

    I am getting so much dependent on HUKD for getting excellent value things, I wonder what happens if it ever shuts down -though temporarily, must be a nightmare for ppl like me

    Anyway, I need to buy a reliable travel weight scale so that the greedy airlines wont be able to rip me off next time for excess baggage, dont ask me what happend to me when I travelled last time :sigh:

    any thoughts plz?



    what happened last time?

    Original Poster

    I had a very expensive revealation at the airport that my bath weight scale does not read accurately in the lower weight range and I had to pay for 10 extra kgs of weight. Thats why I would prefer a reliable one this time. If anybody could recommend from personal experience, will be great

    I presume that you weighed yourself, then yourself holding the bag and worked out the difference, (stand straight and get somebody else to read the scales).
    If you weigh the bag on its own you are likely to have an unbalanced load and get an inaccurate reading.

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    hehe, if i ever try to weigh the luggage in my hand, it will instantly die :-D, another thing i tried was to put some books on the scale to make the load stable and minus the weight of books.

    I need something which I could take with me while travelling and use it on the way back as well.
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