Need a replacement optical mouse

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Found 13th Apr 2008
Our optical mouse has packed in. Only had it since Xmas 2006 got it with the computer from PC World.

The fault is something to do with the wires inside the cable - just like old earphones get sometimes were it only works when the cable is held in a certain position and will stop working again as soon as you let go.

Anyway we need a new one. It must be optical (can't do with them old fashioned roller ball ones!). Does anyone know any good deals on a any decent ones going?

Thanks in advance.


The Intellimouse Explorer 3.0 at ]£18 is a very good deal, I'm using one myself that I paid twice as much for eighteen months ago. To cover the points on the play.com reviews:

1. The side buttons are loose which I can see that some people would feel is low quality. They work fine though and have a nice click when they activate.

2. The scroll wheel is indented, that's a feature, but it's also not the best one I've used. For scrolling webpages it's fine though, and it's better than some on the market (like the travesty that is apple's mighty mouse scroll globe).

3. It'd 400DPI, that means it moves 400 pixels per inch of real world movement. Compared to some mice this can feel quite slow, I find it perfectly fine for a 1280x960 19" screen though. If you have got a big high resolution screen (24"), or just like a really fast pointer then it may not be for you though.

If you're just after a simple mouse without side buttons then both microsoft and logitech make basic old-fashioned shape mice that have optical sensors, I suspect those will be very reliable.

Alternatives are to get a trackball (Kensington and Logitech do them) so the wire never moves around or a wireless mouse, so there is no wire. You do pay more for wireless and the mice do have the weight of the batteries inside though.

I have a Microsoft Wireless LAser mouse 6000 with 3d scroll, laser not optical . Cracking mouse, pm me if you want
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