Need a SATA to IDE Converter... Cheap!

    I am installing Windows XP on an older Dell PC and making a few changes to improve overall performance. I need to install a SATA hard drive but this PC only has IDE ports.

    Anyone know where I can pick up a converter from? Ideally I need something under £7 including postage.

    At the moment the best I can do (within the UK) is £13.77 including postage:…623

    I can get it from Singapore for around £10 but would take upto 28 days.



    tried fleabay ?

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    Great... thanks!

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    This is the one I use, does the power … This is the one I use, does the power aswell: directly onto the sata hdd aswell, so no extra cables etc.

    Sweet. thing is, I need this PC up and running quick and I know DX usually take a while delivering.
    I may buy one anyway for my other IDE mobo machines (and I still have one SATA HDD spare).
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