Need a SATNAV nowish

    my brother past his driving test yesterday, were chipping in and are going to get him a satnav to say congratulations, would be looking at getting it as soon as possible, so probably from a shop today, is there any good deals out there?

    maybe a price match or something.

    recommendations and any help will be gratefully recieved

    Thanks in Advance


    Tesco have one instore for £89! Not sure of the make, Beko I think.:?

    Only one sat nav to buy ( Tom Tom ) the leaders in sat nav tried many sat navs my Tom Tom is the best!

    What mobile phone do he use? Might be more useful to put satnav on a phone than a big unit. I use tomtom 6 on my SE w950i even though I have a full satnav system.

    Just a thought...

    Sorry to interrupt but whats the latest tom tom model out?


    Sorry to interrupt but whats the latest tom tom model out?

    Unit or mobile software?

    The newest is tomtom one V3, but the best in the range is the Tomtom GO 920T.

    As for mobile depends what mobile/pda you are using.

    ok thanks.
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