Need a short door for under the stairs!

Posted 1st Mar
I need to replace a door that goes under the stairs 1910mm high 690mm wide, Width is not an issue but I can't find a door that would be short enough as the smallest seems to be 1981mm. All my doors are the 6 panel type. Could I risk getting a door from B&Q/ Wickes and somehow trimming 70mm from the top and/or bottom? And I can't justify paying £90ish for a custom made one.

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Probably better to do 35mm off each but check with b&q or wickes first as they’ll no doubt tell you maximum cut
On new doors they tell you how much you can trim off dependent on their construction. The cheaper type have a frame with a honeycomb structure beyond the frame.


Solid wood ones you can cut down and might be worth looking for your local reclamation yard
@wayners any ideas?
I once needed a new door for under stairs cupboard. Ended up buying a full door and trimming about 1/3 off.
Toptrumpet01/03/2020 17:27

@wayners any ideas?

Buy a flat or panel door and cut off. That will leave it hollow so you stick new peace of wood in with wood glue. Lay flat with some weight on if you don't have clamps. You can buy a bit to fit in off the shelf at any diy at 25mm if memory serves? Mark the lock side on the face as it written on the top and will be gone when you cut off. Also consider if you want to cut just the bottom or both top and bottom so keeping the lock block in correct place. 70mm I'd just cut the bottom off I think... Depends what it looks like so size up. I've done it loads of times. Cheap track saw on foam insulation cutting on floor is easiest way to trim door.
Kitchen larder door?
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