Need a small dual sim phone.

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I want to get a dual sim mobile that has android and is capable of running WhatsApp video call, I have looked at a few but because the os is not late enough they will only do WhatsApp voice which defeats the object. I don't really want a huge phone so anything more towards the 4" size rather than 5". Also it must be able to have 2 sims with a separate sd card slot. Any suggestions gratefully received.
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Check on Amazon.
AW00794 m ago

Check on Amazon.

Done that.............and that well known auction site....
Xiaomi Redmi 4a about £75
"...I have looked at a few but because the os is not late enough they will only do WhatsApp voice..." seems bizarre as it is almost near-impossible to be able to buy any dual-SIM Android handset that does not support the minimum OS spec of "video calling is available starting on Android version 4.1" stated at WhatsAp FAQ…237 . Are you confusing minimum OS spec with some other requirement?
Xiaomi have some really good phones which are dual
The limiting factor on choice seems to be the preference for under-5" screen size. Devices with acceptable 1GB RAM & 4.5" screens start from £40 ex-UK…291 or £55 with Android 7 which is three generations above the minimum video calling requirement for WhatsApp…1X/
If you can tolerate a device attempting to provide acceptable performance on a meagre 0.5GB RAM there are 4.5" £33 items new ex-UK on the bay…205 or sub-£50 0.5GB 4" models from Argos or fulfilled Amazon…815…HV4
Note the spec/price ratio for all these small-screen handsets is generally kinda meh.
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