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    ok...I have ntl cable in my house with a belkin gateway wireless router type thingy...this is fine for using the internet in my room but I also make internet calls and for these I need to be in the room where the router is for a decent quality call.

    I also have a 3COM 3CRWDR100A-72 which has a function called WDS which apparently I can rebroadcast the wireless signal...I figured if I placed this half way to my room then calls would be fine. I can get my 3com to pick up the signal but not to rebroadcast it even possible?


    You mean a wireless bridge...

    You'd better check whether the routers are definately able to be used as a wireless bridge.

    If the 3COM has WDS, then it should be OK, but you'd need to check the Belkin.

    It is quite a bit of a ball ache though, and you'd most likely be better off checking through google for guides and such like.

    It's a while since I've worked on this type of setup, you are looking for two different functions - you need to bridge your wireless and network and have a repeater to extend the range. From what I remember, it's difficult to get both of these working unless both access points are from the same brand.

    I have setup a Belkin wireless bridge, you've not mentioned which Belkin device you have but for my pair I needed to set up the main one with the MAC address of the other device's access point which is probably what you need to try next.


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    it's this one...

    The MAC address thing you mentioned is how I know the 3com is picking it up as when I entered the Belkin Mac address in the WDS section it auto filled the SSID and 11g bits.

    Have you found something similar in the Belkin? With the two Belkins, you only had to fill in the information in the 'master' router, not both.

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