I need a telescope on a stand for him indoors for christmas. I want to pay around £100. We have just moved and we overlook the sea so i thought it would be a nice surprise for him. - please help as i have no idea what is the best kind to get cheers!!!


    not sure if you'll get anything too great for £100... if you go a little higher, theres some good beginner/amateur scopes out there...
    the sky watchers are good, such as this one…059

    this is a good guide to all the scope jargon..…tml

    edit.. sorry! i thought you meant astronomical scopes... dont know much about regular telescopes..
    this sites quite good..…ope

    Comes with tripod too

    That skywatcher in Narfette's post looks awesome though
    Got an astronomical scope myself and can also be used for long range looking out to sea etc.

    Also in Argos recommended for land and sky just under 100 quid…htm

    ]Tesco £99.97

    Original Poster

    thanks everyone - has given me food for thought!!!

    Any astronut like myself will tell you its much better to invest in a good pair of binoculars rather than going for a cheap scope. 7x50's are ideal for astronomy and there are many available under £100.

    If you must go for a scope, magnification is not important. The most important is the size of the main objective lens or mirror. For a refractor 3" is really the minimum you should be going for and a reflector 5". A 3" will show the belts and moons of Jupiter, phases of Venus, craters on the moon, neptune and uranus, rings of saturn etc but won't be suitable for deep sky objects like clusters and galaxies.

    I myself use a 4" celestron refractor which cost me £300. I have it conected to my PC and can take great photo's of the sky but like any astronomer I crave for more inches as the bigger your objective lens, the greater the light it can gather therefore increasing dimmer objects and resolving tighter distances.
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