Need a thin mattress for a mid sleeper bed

Found 2nd Jul 2014

We have a mid sleeper bed for our daughter (3 years old) and need single mattress for it.
The instructions stipulate that the mattress can be a maximum thickness of 16.2cm. (safety reasons, so they cant roll over the 'barrier')

This massively reduces the available selection, good quality mattresses are obviously thicker usually

Can anyone recommend a decent mid range single mattress (3') at about this depth?

Many Thanks
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I had the same problem.
I ended up getting this one. It was advertised as slightly thicker than requested, but fits fine and my daughter sleeps soundly on it!
Add: Can upload a pic if needed?
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thanks, if you could, that'd be great!


thanks, if you could, that'd be great!cheers

No problem, hopefully they're helpful!?
Thanks for that, will definitely consider that one.

Can't see her having too much problem with even a cheap mattress, she doesn't weigh much
Cheap one with memory foam topper now or later?

I had the same issue, it's common to mid/high sleepers. In the end I opted for a 'normal' mattress - it wasn't a 'top end' one so not much thicker than max stipulated. When in place the side barrier was plenty high enough. My little one was almost 5 at the time and rolling off wasn't an issue. I did have a back up plan of a removable bed side to fasten on temp if it looked like it would be a problem but it was never needed. It's 3yrs old now and due replacing - again the detph is the issue so I'm thinking of just putting a good 1/2" topper on it.

Ought to add, ours is a metal framed one - argos or ikea iirc - it's quite common. Gap from the top of the mattress to the top of rail is a fair bit higher than the one pictured above.
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This one is 17cm but one of the reviews says she uses it for her daughters' mid sleeper bed.

thanks for all the advice guys.

Gone for the on Chuckiedoll posted a link for, great idea about adding a topper as/when i need to capriboycraig - thanks
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