need a webcam with night vision

Looking for deal on webcam with night vision, lots of cams claim night vision but look like just have lights on them.

Saw a few on ebay for around £15 including p&p.


Don't know how good this is, but its cheap!


£4.69 + £2.99 P&P = £7.68

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Thanks, like the ones on ebay for around £8-9. Are those leds lights or infra red?

I have one of these and after a few tweaks with the software they are great.


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Im going to try and use it as a security camera with smartsentry software i downloaded, so dont want led lights shining, but do need clear pics in dark, any suggestions.

You can turn the lights on and off, the led lights you see are to be used as a light for your keyboard and such, this has built in infared for night vision so no silly lights to give the game away.

Also if you read the whole lisitng and google reviews on it you will see that it comes with it's own security software which is quite a capable package.

At this price it's worth a go mate.

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Thanks, looks like its just what im after.

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Ebuyer will charge £7.92 delivery on this item! Is that right?

Can u get this webcam cheaper anywhere else?

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Ah! solved it myself, they automatically put in next day delivery for an extra £4:roll:, so super saver delivery £3.22 isnt so bad.


I remember seeing them in street shops in china for £2.


I remember seeing them in street shops in china for £2.


eBay best!
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