Need a wire to go from laptop to tv please?

Found 30th Sep 2008
As you can tell im not sure what it is called or anything!! In need of some help for someone to name it for me so i cn have a look cheapest place to get one or if someone know then to post a link please.
Just a wire thing to be able to plug into laptop to watch films or shows pictures on tv
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is it a HD TV or a normal cathode ray TV (big heavy thing)?
its the same 1 which goes from your pc to monitor,think its svga or vga lead
Depends on what kind of telly you have? if it's not an LCD or Plasma you'll struggle to get your laptop to recognise it. If you have an LCD etc, then you'll need something like - *********.co.uk/1-5…tem
most plasmas have vga inputs, take a look on the back or read your manual
Check your laptop,it might have a round hole where a cable would go,that is called s-video. You can take a cable from puter to TV with an s-video lead and if your TV or video recorder doesn't have s-video in,you can buy a scart lead that your s-video cable plugs in to which you then just use as a normal scart cable.
i have many connecting holes in my laptop bu tyes i can see a round one! also i have a lcd tv
fatabelly link aint working ive google it and there is loads of different cable ends coming up so still unsure what it looks like
HDMI is the best choice if both your laptop and TV have it, s-video should be avoided for LCD TVs if possible as the quality isn't great. There's picture of an HDMI port ]here

If your laptop/TV doesn't support HDMI you'll also need a seperate cable for the audio.
Check] this out.... I found it very useful ;-)
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