Need a wooden wardrobe for around 50 to 60 pound with delivery in Bradley stoke, Bristol

    I need a wooden 2 or three wardrobe ,for the above price range can anybody suggest me where to find one ?

    I found one for 70 found in ikea but they charge 35 quid for delivery...which is totally out of my budget ! dont know how to save the delivery money .If anyone wants to sell please reply to this msg.


    argos - dont know what they charge for delivery:thumbsup:…JUN…_id|1&groupId=474424677Ν=this_product&SNtk=littlewoods_search&Np=1&SN=85+307&Ntt=474424677&D=474424677&Ntk=group_search&Dx=mode%2bmatchall&thisprod=370923006&N=85+307&Nty=1&Mis_item_id=15&Mis_item_loc_id=1&product=370923006&pageSize=12

    "Bali" 2-door, 3-drawer wardrobe
    £59.00 + £3.50 delivery

    Although I do think the one from Argos mentioned above looks better.
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