Need a XP Media Centre Edition 2005 CD

    Hi everyone, I'm currently trying to sort out a PC for a friend of mine, but they haven't got a OS CD, as it's an IQON PC and they don't supply them (The recovery partition is DOA as well)

    The COA Key is on the tower, but I don't have a CD to use with it. Is there anywhere I can just pick the CD up from?

    I ran a keyfinder on the PC and it flagged the key as a different one to the one as the tower, and also it listed the OS as XP Pro! Could I just use this key and run a copy of XP Pro SP3 onto it instead? Many thanks


    d/l iso @ ur fav torrent.

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    d/l iso @ ur fav torrent.

    Hmmmm, isn't that a bit dodgy, mate?


    Hmmmm, isn't that a bit dodgy, mate?

    Although a torrent could be dodgy, if you are using it just to get an ISO as you already have a license, then I cant see any problem. The only problem comes when you also get a license code via the torrent
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