Need acrylic Sheets, Where???

    okay some sheets of 3mm acrylic, i need to get it asap so by tuesday morning at the very latest, does any one know of any suppliers where you can collect from ( london area) or any good websites? Its abit of a weird request but i need this plastic for a school project and if te school order it it will come by friday which is to late.


    not sure about the size (3mm) but B&Q sell acrylic sheets, its usually in the builders section with the roofing bits & bobs hth

    Wickes do acrlyic sheets

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    thnaks will check them out tommorow

    Try local glaziers, we wanted some for a shed window the kids had broken they had it in thicknesses from 2mm-8mm and cut it to size, if you explain its for school they may also cut it into the individual sizes you want, if you want several from one piece!
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