Need advice and info on what graphics card to buy!

    first of all, let me just give u my current specs:

    Amd athlon 64x2 6000+ 3ghz
    3gb ram
    500gb hard drive
    8500gt graphics card
    450w psu
    matx mobo:…848
    matx case
    EDIT: 1440 x 900 res

    as u can see, the weak link is the graphics card. so i was thinking which one shud i buy? i was looking more in to 8800gt since its now under £100. but i have a few questions:
    1) is it better to get it now or just hang in there and wait a bit? if so why?
    2) is this enough for my 450w psu?
    3) which version shud i get?
    4) will this overheat my small matx mobo and case? i got a 1 cooler btw



    As long as you haven't many other devices you should be able to add almost any GFX card. The 450w PSU is fine enough - the only thing with the newest cards is that they are huge and take up a lot of space inside the case. Go for an 8800 GT 512MB - excellent value for performance.

    1. The next generation of graphics cards will be launched later this month and should be out a month or two after that.
    2. Make and model? I'd have no worries running an 8800GT on a £50 450W PSU but a £10 one will probably struggle.
    3. The 512mb one, or the 1GB one if you can get it cheap enough (no more than about a dozen pounds more).
    4. How hot is the internal temperature right now? A well designed small case will have no problem (they run in shuttles after all).

    the new nvidia cards are out 17th june, the new ati cards have been delayed from 18th to the 23rd june...

    from all the rumours ati finally have the cards to compete/beat the nvidia ones.

    personally i'm waiting for another month, just to see what comes out on top. you never know the new 4850 might well outperform the 8800gt, and the pricing is expected to be around the £100 mark.


    The 8800GT is one of the best bang for buck cards around at the mo........let me clarify.......

    I bought, installed and am using a 256MB XFX 8800GT at 1440x900.

    It runs the only game worth playing - world of warcraft - at max settings on everything 1440x900 - no problem at all. My previous card was a X1650 pro and the 8800GT absolutely demolishes it. 4 -5 times faster easy.

    Mine cost around ~£67 - an absolute bargain for a card that will play 90% of all games without breaking a sweat.

    If you need to play Crysis and the few other similar games that stretch a PC to the hilt, or you run a high res, 1600x1200 or greater, then you should hang on for the new cards, or go for 512MB+ 8800GT/GTX/ultra, 9800GTX/GX2cards, although, that may well cost you many hundred's of pounds.

    I will repeat, £67 for a card that runs my fav game at max at 1440x900 on my 19" widescreen monitor. I am told it will also run Crysis on high but i don't posess that game.

    Not an official test but a real world experience of a fast graphics card, i've been in I.T for many, many, many years and this is a great value for money card - and I remember the voodoo cards being unbeatable and then the FX series!

    Never never ever pay several hundred pounds for a graphics card unless you are an amateur with money to burn that must have the latest {whatever} or an idiot.

    i recommend 8800gt from a gaming perspective. your specs are similar to mine apart from i have 8800gt and i can tell you it can play thru any game ive tested so far... mainly Age of conan which needs fairly insane specs. i have sene vids all over utube of it playing crysis as well.

    and i agree with smurftech - world of warcraft is the only game worth playing :P

    Original Poster

    bump ok so shud i wait a bit longer or shud i just go straight for the 8800gt for like £100?

    At £100 the 8800GT isn't looking like such a good deal these days, the new 4850 is out at £120 which is faster than the 8800GT and the 9800GTX is supposed to be brought down to £125 compete pretty soon. They're about 10-15% faster than an 8800GT.
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