Need advice getting my dad a new set of golf clubs

    Wondering if any golfers here could recommend a new set of irons for my dad, I have no idea what sort of upgrade he will need without asking him.

    How do I go about choosing the right set without asking him n spoiling the surprise :O

    If it helps he currently has a set of fazer irons

    I.T 4 > G Oversize (written on iron)
    True Temper Flexigrip
    Pro Grip

    hes been playing for a while now and is quite good (So i've heard haha)

    Any advice would be great!

    Only other way i can think of doing it, is taking an iron into a glof shop and asking them, but im thinking by the time ive got from the car to the shop, 10 grannies would have fainted and the police will have me against a wall spanking me, but thats another story..


    Does he need a new set? ie he talks about getting a whole new set? Just can be a very personal thing

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    His irons have never been touched, but hes upgraded everything else, this is why im thinking he wants a new set of irons but wont because he doesnt wanna pay for them as such, not because of the personal attachment

    A set of pings or calloway's if you've got deep pockets.

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    What should I stay away from in terms of make ?

    What are cobras like ?

    To be honest the best option is to ask him - you need to buy a set that suits his game and that he will have confidence in.....

    I suspect if you surprise him (even with a good brand) he might still be dissappointed if they are not the ones he wants.

    get a voucher, then he can get the CORRECT set for him (shaft length weight and head).

    DONT buy golf clubs as a surprise.

    Clubs come in different lengths, weights and so on and the ones you get him may not suit him.

    It is like buying a pair of shoes for someone as a surprise if they have not tried them on.

    hi, i agree with guilbert, DONT buy him clubs, they may appear all the same to non golfers but they really are not, how much are you looking to spend on him? that is a huge determining factor, also what other clubs has he got? ie driver, make-shaft flex-offset?- oh the list goes on, there are so many variables with buying clubs its unreal. A good set would be ping, taylor made, calloway, titleist, nike, but please please please dont waste your money buying them without him trying out.

    Plus, i guarantee you a lot of the fun is trying out all these clubs and deciding which ones you want!!!

    i agree with the.... let him buy them himself we did this last year for the hubbies 30th and his mum wanted to get him irons but in the end we got gift vouchers (direct golf or american golf) and so he could open something we brought him a really cheap iron, so when he opend the prezzie he was a tad confused at first lol but then gave him the vouchers and he obvioulsy clued what they were for or should i say fore (gosh that was quite humourous for me) :-D
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