Need advice on free antivirus please!

    Don't know which one to choose so would like some recommendations please

    I have windows vista if that helps

    Thanks in advance xxx



    i like avira very easy to use and updates all the time

    We use avast too, very good and no problems!

    avira is brilliant. Never gets in the way, no annoying things. Just nice and smart sits in the corner

    detects problems very well

    I use AVG, you can go to their website and get the free version, which lasts as long as you want unless you want to upgrade. Free version is pretty good though, I'm online all day, have used AVG for 3 years and never had a virus (and when one has tried, AVG has detected it and put it in quarantine!) Updates every day, so makes me feel secure!

    I use AVG and never had a problem used it for about 4 years, totally free as well

    AVG...i use it on my pc, the laptop, and put on my bro's and mums pcs/laptop.
    free, and is good, and doesnt eat up resources

    Avast, Never had a single problem with it either, Using it for about a year.

    Previously used Norton, Mcafee etc and nothing but problems and their so resource intensive they act like a virus...!!!

    AVG was fast becoming a resource hog (though never had problems with it)

    I now have one machine on Avira and one on Avast - I prefer the look of Avast but both seem ok so far.......Avast scans incoming email, I'm not sure Avira does tbh (though I will no doubt be corrected shortly )

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys, i've gone for avast. Still downloading it and its taking ages!


    free 6 month key for avira premium suite here, more features than the freebie…fr/
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