Need Advice On Laptop Spec Please?

    I am looking at this one for sale and wondered if it was any good and worth the money??

    its a Advent 7200 laptop - £185
    Intel Celeron M Processor 440 1.86GHz
    Genuine Windows Vista (R) Home Premium
    533MHz FSB
    1MB Cache
    80GB Hard Drive
    DVD ReWriter MultiDrive
    128MB Shared UMA Graphics
    Wireless Enabled
    1GB Memory
    15.4 Inch Widescreen Display

    This means nothing to me so really need your help
    Thanks xx


    Where did you find that price please?

    hmm not bad for that price, advent is like PC world's own make (iirc)

    Dont buy an Advent.

    This is PC Worlds own brand, they just "badge" generic laptops.

    Go for a brand that has a reputation to keep up, likeToshiba, HP, Sony etc.

    Note: Avoid Packard Bell and Ei Systems for the same reason.

    I wouldnt buy this laptop, not because its an advent but because if you shopped around you'd get a much better deal for your money. 1GB RAM less the 128MB as its shared from the RAM and the CPU has to store it in memory for processing, add to that the VISTA word (that should never be mentioned!) and it will run like a donkey, Stick to Windows XP, it'll run faster. Hope this helps. Cheers.

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    Where did you find that price please?

    Someone i know locally is selling it.

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    Thanks for all the advice!

    I think i will leave it and try to find a better brand etc
    Rep left!!
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