Need advice on packaging item

    Hi all,

    I am new to this so please bare with me.

    I have just made my first sale online and now need to package and send the item to the buyer.

    It is quite a large item and am I really looking for advice on the following:

    - Where can I aquire a large box to put the item in?
    - What should I use to cushion the item so that it doens't get damaged?
    - Where can I go (stores) to get the required items?

    Any helps is greatly appreciated.




    Try asking down your local supermarket, most of them are desperate to get rid of boxes and packaging material. And its usually free, however if you are sending many items to many destinations check out this previous thread.…ing

    Is the item breakable?

    If yes, then suggest you get yourself a roll of bubblewrap to start. This can make the item significantly larger so make sure you allow for this when getting your box. If it will fit into a wine size box you could try your local offie. Supermarkets all tend to break their boxes down, but you often see them lying around & can rebuild. When sealing box I always use the brown plastic type parcel tape & ensure that ALL edges, etc. are covered. Not sure what postage you have agreed with buyer, but it's off to the Post Office to fill out the relevant form (if required).

    Hope this helps.:thumbsup:

    I buy most of my packaging supplies off eBay,sometimes I got to the £ shops depending if I have run out.
    If you need a box,go to the supermarkets and ask if they got any spare boxes,its usually best to go down the cereal aisle if you wanting a rather large box and ask there and then.Cos I was in Netto getting a car seat from my friend in Scotland,the car seats were packed 2 in a box,and I asked if they had any smaller box for it,and they said no cos they get flattened ready for recycling once they emptied.
    Depending what the item is,be careful how you send it,if its worth a lot make sure you insure it for right amount,also depending what courier your using,if its a tv for example they might not insure it,I've see that on a few T&C as I have used various courier bookings on eBay.
    I also wouldn't recommend sending an item by Standard Parcels at post office as its not any type of signed for service and if you taken the Paypal,its so easy for the buyer to say not arrived and claim their payment bk with Paypal.Royal Mail will do claims for lost parcels but the reciptnet of the item is also meant to help and respond to their letters,if they known for helping themselves to freebies they may not want to respond.
    Packing up items best to use lots of bubble wrap,its all best that the item is neat in the box and you pad it out with newspaper aswell so the item can't move about in the box.It all depends what your sending,I don't really send anything that can get easily broken/dented etc.
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